# compose


03/10/2021, 8:31 PM
I have an app which runs under three different themes (an array of themes) and in the top app bar I can change the current theme to the next one, it has worked for ages (I year o so) but since beta1 weird things happen, and now when I cycle through three themes one seems to bee skipped. Something is wrong about theming I'm sure. And beta 2 have also arise some weird issues concerning theming in the classical awful android xml way , I try to get away as much as possible about xml, but it strikes back once and once again .... And well today I discovered that beta1 had problems with TetxFields and KeyBoardAction, but luckily they are gone with beta2, but such is the destiny of the full stack programmer .... now the new google mail library complains about not yet sure about. But anyway Compose is getting better and better, and I wish to thanks about it, Thank you.