Hi <@UJN92AYA0> thanks for asking about `LazyColum...
# compose
Hi @Andrey Kulikov thanks for asking about
scroll api. These are issues that currently inhibit a full fledged chat app: • maintain precise scroll position after items are added/removed to top/bottom/middle of LazyColumn. Imagine a chat app like Slack with infinite scroll, users deleting messages etc. Right now when we infinite scroll, there is jitter of moving back to the correct scroll position using the api in all these cases. • Access to cell/item measurements so that it’s possible to get a precise scroll location. For example if I want to jump to the last item in a (non-reversed) list, I first need to understand the size of the viewport and size of last few items to get to the right spot. Alternatively, please provide the ability to set the desired
when using
because right now there’s not enough fidelity