Hey how can I avoid the auto-rotation behavior for...
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Hey how can I avoid the auto-rotation behavior for images in CoilImage? I have a circular avatar that looks like the below and if I take a selfie it automatically rotates. Is there a configuration option for this or do I have to create an Exif interface for the bitmap?
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fun ImageAvatar(bitmap: Bitmap, onClick: (() -> Unit)? = null) {
    var modifier = Modifier
        .border(BorderStroke(1.dp, backgroundPrimary()), shape = CircleShape)

    onClick?.let { clickListener ->
        modifier = modifier.clickable(onClick = clickListener)

    Box(modifier = modifier, alignment = Alignment.Center) {
            data = bitmap,
            contentScale = ContentScale.Crop,
            requestBuilder = {
            modifier = Modifier.preferredSize(70.dp)