V Badalyan

07/12/2020, 5:43 PM
Hello! 1 Any link to documentation how work with navigation, fragment, dialog, tabview, drawableLaypit (found ModalDrawerLayout))? List of implemented components? 2. How correct use composite to refactor components extend FrameLayout view( in Kotlin? Use GenerateView? 3. Need any additional hacks like PrecompiledText ? 4. How about static (compound object {})) fot @Composeble fun? i have project with 10+ fragments tabview2 with fragmentadapter. Every fragment have 100+ TextInput wuth masks, counters, errors and other. Every day i find how optimise inflate in UI thread. Now ii have bug lug. Compose look great by design to fix my probjem project start at 1 september. If you get additional support for bugs and impoementing features for this date i can plain full code refacor/migrate to compose only/