# compose


06/14/2020, 12:16 AM
Hello all! I just watched a bunch of the new jetpack compose videos and tried out the latest version. I'm super excited about what has happened and it looks a lot better than last that I saw it. I had a comment or feedback around testing and jetpack compose: From what I could tell we wrap components with tags. I understand the purpose of that. But too me it seems like we're adding a lot of noise to the ui code for the sake of testing. I guess it can be extracted/cleaned up with ext functions or similar, but I wanted to see if anyone else felt the same? and if a more seamless way is being worked on, maybe it's just an attribute like in xml? I had one more comment. More around what would be nice to see i n demos from Google: It would be nice if you show compose together with a UI pattern. Maybe how it can work with MVVM or unidirectional dataflow. I especially want to see the latter, although I think I personally can figure it out. Let me know if there are good links on that already that I've missed