Hello, Maybe some of view read about another toy ...
# compose
Hello, Maybe some of view read about another toy project for SwiftUI (https://github.com/SwiftWebUI/SwiftWebUI) Their idea is to be able SwiftUI for Web. Unlike Flutter (for the moment?), they actually create HTML elements. Going through the same process with Compose should be feasible (after all, they just using the public API). If I am not wrong, none of
has strong dependencies to Android. So if i want to do something similar to Flutter, where should I start? Should I extend the compiler-plugin with another Adaptor for canvas (or whatever)? I guess it is conceived with the eventuality that someday it will target others platforms? The effort coming from the Android team, a focus will be made on this platform for now, but Fuchsia might be here in few years, and it could be a great thing to have if the android developers could continue to use some of the tools they are comfortable with. (I read somewhere that Fuchsia might support many languages).