I've released KVision 5.15.0 - <https://kvision.io...
# kvision
I've released KVision 5.15.0 - https://kvision.io Highlights of this release include: • Upgraded dependencies (Serialization 1.4.0, Spring Boot 2.7.3, Ktor 2.1.1, Javalin 5.0.0.RC2, Jooby 2.16.1, Micronaut 3.6.3, Jackson Module Kotlin 2.13.4, kotlin-wrappers 383, Bootstrap 5.2.1, Tabulator 5.3.3 and some other npm dependencies) • New
module based on new Tempus Dominus component (a major rewrite over the previous version, without dependency on Bootstrap, Momentjs and jQuery). • New
module for creating fullstack apps with Ktor and Koin dependency injection (instead of Guice) • Many other bugfixes and optimizations. For other changes see the changelog: https://github.com/rjaros/kvision/releases/tag/5.15.0 As always any feedback is welcomed 🙂 Slack Conversation
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