I ran into a problem when I migrate my application...
# kvision
I ran into a problem when I migrate my application to KVision 3.13.1 and Kotlin 1.4. It is not really related to KVison, but json parsing, but I would apreciate any help. I am serializing data of the format
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  "history": {
    "2020-08-01": 189812,
    "2020-08-02": 185951,
    "2020-08-03": 390080
And the relevant code:
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data class HistoryInfo(
    val history: Map<String, Int>

            val json = Json(JsonConfiguration.Stable)
            val history = json.parse(HistoryInfo.serializer(), response)

            for ((key, value ) in history.history) {
                println("$key : $value")
That is, history.history will be a Map<String, Int>. In Kotlin 1.4 and serializationVersion=1.0.0-RC I try
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val history = JSON.parse<HistoryInfo>(response)
but the history.history will not be a map. I cannot see how to access the data. How do I get my map back?