Morning! It looks like the changes to JCenter have...
# refreshversions
Morning! It looks like the changes to JCenter have caused http4k to become unbuildable. Would really appreciate some help getting it up and running again. The problem is that when @jmfayard kindly upgraded http4k from buildSrcLibs to refreshVersions, the project was left depending on a dev version of the plugin. "0.9.8-dev-004" which was sourced from bintray. I was assuming that I could just downgrade to 0.9.7, and it would resolve correctly, but doing that results in the error from gradle:
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* What went wrong:
An exception occurred applying plugin request [id: 'de.fayard.refreshVersions', artifact: 'de.fayard.refreshVersions:refreshVersions:0.9.7']
> Failed to apply plugin 'de.fayard.refreshVersions'.
   > class org.gradle.initialization.DefaultSettings_Decorated cannot be cast to class org.gradle.api.Project (org.gradle.initialization.DefaultSettings_Decorated and org.gradle.api.Project are in unnamed module of loader org.gradle.internal.classloader.VisitableURLClassLoader @5b275dab)