Hello - I've got an issue upgrading to the latest ...
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Hello - I've got an issue upgrading to the latest (>4.2.x) versions of kotest. We've got tests with some reasonably complicated arbitraries, many of which are mapped over the basic String arbitrary. There are two related issues I'm hitting 1. The tests end up with too many iterations. With so many edgecases, the resulting iteration count goes into the tens of thousands. And I don't see a way to just tell Kotest to run a probabilistic set (some edgecases, some random) 2. I can reduce the iteration count by telling some of the arbs to ignore edgecases, but this looks to have a bug where I then end up with no edgecases (@mitch found and raised that here: https://github.com/kotest/kotest/issues/2095) Even if 2. gets resolved however, I think it would be nice to have some way to tell Kotest I don't want a full exhaustive check for all edgecases against all other edgecases.