Hey guys! I recently switched from assertj to kote...
# kotest
Hey guys! I recently switched from assertj to kotest and its been a blast! One thing that I'm missing (or rather say couldn't find yet) is an equivalent to isEqualToComparingFieldByField. Let's say I have the following object:
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class Element(
        val measurements: customMeasurementObject,
        val ausstattung: List<OtherObj>,
        val something2: Float,
        val something3: Float,
        val no: Int)
and I want to compare it to a valid element. How would I go about this?
elementToTest shouldBe validElement
would throw an error, since they're not the same. In AssertJ, I used isEqualToComparingFieldByField for that. What's the proper way to do that in Kotest? I'm pretty sure I forgot something there. Thanks in advance!