# touchlab-tools

Brady Aiello

03/07/2022, 4:26 PM
If the goal is just learning KMM, you don't need to contribute to the main repo. What I like doing to learn something new is to fork KaMP Kit, and try swapping out one library or implementation with another. You could try swapping SQLDelight out for a NoSQL db like KodeIn DB, or Realm, or changing the API call to something that has GraphQL support, or swap Koin for KodeIn or Injekt or Popkorn, or our custom DataState class for the Kotlin Result class, Gradle versions catalog for refreshVersions, in-project coroutine native adapters to KMPNativeCoroutines, try out MVI Kotlin for architecture, Decompose for shared navigation logic... None of these are necessarily better or worse than the current implementation, but it's a great way to learn. And we haven't tried most of these, so if you learn something along the way, we'd love to hear about it. 😊