# multiplatform

Zyle Moore

09/07/2023, 4:52 AM
Hey everyone.. Is it possible to make a Multiplatform Kotlin/JVM Azure Function? The problem I have is that the azure gradle task seems to expect only
plugin conventions. When
runs, it manually builds up an artifact path from
, but the MPP artifact output file is
The snippet is the gradle output. The issue might just be fundamentally, the azure gradle plugin isn't expecting MPP conventions. But I'm wondering if I can get a quick workaround by copying the mpp generated output to a file the azure plugin expects. To be clear, what I'm ultimately looking for is an MPP project that can, via the jvm target, build a Java function class, and a Kotlin function class, which can be deployed to Azure. I don't expect to implement a native or js function, so this is really Common + JVM.