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# kobweb
🕸️ Latest Kobweb v0.14.0 🕸️ https://github.com/varabyte/kobweb/releases/tag/v0.14.0 This release is functionally the same as v0.13.12 but is built against Compose 1.5.1 and Kotlin 1.9.10. We wanted to support Kotlin 1.9 for a while, but issues with previous Compose HTML releases prevented us from adopting them. Thankfully, after coordinating with JB, they fixed those issues and we have confirmed that they are no longer occurring in Compose 1.5.1 (which was released yesterday). When you upgrade your version to v0.14.0 (in the libs.versions.toml file), don't forget to update jetbrains-compose to 1.5.1 and kotlin to 1.9.10!
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