Getting "Google Api Error: Server error - Internal...
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Getting "Google Api Error: Server error - Internal error encountered" when trying to upload android/wear aab files to play store (using Fastlane). I'll try to narrow it down but @yschimke, wondering if any new wear os requirements that this might be related to. I'll try to upload files to console directly and see if I get any more details.
ah, I had forgotten about this "To submit this release, remove your Wear OS bundle and create a dedicated Wear OS release track. After August 2023, Wear OS updates must be published using a dedicated Wear OS release track. This is so you can manage your Wear OS releases and users separately to your mobile app."
Yep, in fastlane, you will need a "wear:" prefix
where does that prefix go?
ah, looks like this is for the track name
guess that means that separate
invocations are needed....
I think Auto is the same, but guess that is Automotive?
hmm, I tried
track.....and also then
but still getting "Google Api Error: Invalid request - Track not found"
ah, I see from docs that I should see "Create a Wear OS track" option n console.....
see it now
yay, fastlane upload working now
🎉 1
handy now to be able to publish those independently
The Decompose Wear changes are quite big, does this make it safer for me to land it now, if bugs come up?
yeah, makes sense
I'll try to get chance soon to look over changes but probably good if @Arkadii Ivanov can as well
No rush. It can percolate a bit if nothing much else changing.
more rugby games coming up so they're always good opportunity to do stuff like this.....actually Australia playing in 5 minutes!
I could take a look in the coming days as well. Just let me know when it's ready for review.
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Functional and I don't know of changes I have to make