OK I think Wear Decompose support is close. <https...
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OK I think Wear Decompose support is close. https://github.com/joreilly/Confetti/pull/850
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Biggest changes I needed to make to the base SwipeToDismissBox that @Arkadii Ivanov added, was to handle TimeText and PositionIndicator according to Wear guidelines.
But really liked how clear and tangible the navigation of Decompose model was.
Ended up with robolectric tests like
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        assertEquals(Config.Conferences, appComponent.config)

        assertEquals(Config.Home(null, "test"), appComponent.config)

        assertEquals(Config.ConferenceSessions(null, "test", date = "2023-01-01".toLocalDate()), appComponent.config)
@Arkadii Ivanov I think the navigation / deeplink issues are with me at the moment. I don't think it's a Decompose issue, although obviously it could add complete support in future if you choose.
Yeah, I will check deeplinks as well from my side.
@John O'Reilly am I waiting on your review? or just land and fix forward before next Wear release?
sorry....no, go ahead and land....definitely happy if you and @Arkadii Ivanov are
ping me if you feel like we have version we should publish
No rush, seriously don't rush
I checked roughly, looks fine to me. But it would be nice if someone else could look as well.
Oh, already merged. Nice! 😁