Just updated to 2023.2.2 and Kotlin Plugin 1.9.20 ...
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Just updated to 2023.2.2 and Kotlin Plugin 1.9.20 Beta. How the heck do I create KMP projects now? 👀 I recall there was a "Kotlin" wizard, right?
Probably not the answer you're looking for but I create my project manually most of the times these days
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Yeah makes total sense! I was just wondering if it's a bug or if it's done on purpose
@mbonnin unrelated: in the External Libraries node I see dependencies starting with "Gradle: ", are those only valid at build time?
I don't think so but I'm not too sure
I think IntelliJ collects and index all dependencies. Like the buildscript classpath is there too
But not sure
Yeah the question arises because after updating to 1.9.20 I still see stdlib from 1.9.0 in the External Libraries. But no prob if you have no clue
I gues it's still somewhere in your dependencies? If you run
./gradlew dependencies
./gradlew buildEnvironment
in all your modules my hunch is it will show "somewhere"
Manually cloning a template from GitHub or anywhere tends to be more up to date than waiting for these wizard generators to update what they generate to the latest.
Would anyone have a link to the template from Github?
I just couldn't find one that has all the platforms including JS. But adding the JS target is not hard.
It's a problem for devs new to Kotlin that want to quickly create a new project tho. Telling them "use this GitHub template" doesn't sound like a good solution. Plus, the wizard did let you pick the supported platforms and their source set names.
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I think it's just the 1.9.20-Beta plugin that's not working entirely correctly. Although I don't see any exception. But running tests from the gutter and the wizard are basically not working.
Humm 🤔, it is a matter of what you like better. I prefer dealing with code directly than dealing with a tool that "would" possibly generate that code. Even though the wizard allows you to select targets and such you still need to go through the gradle files to understand what it generated. No wizard is one command,
git clone
. Another command
git pull
and you get the latest. Using the wizard you have to wait until the maintainer updates it. Even in pure Android, don't you notice the projects created by a wizard do not match from Android Studio versions. It generates something different always.