Hi - I have been working on an open-source Kotlin ...
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Hi - I have been working on an open-source Kotlin Symbol Processor library to take an Android Room database and then automatically generate an HTTP backend and offline-first repository client. Google's official offline-first Android architecture recommendations suggest writing an extra 5 classes manually for each database entity/DAO. I now have a working proof-of-concept for this as outlined in this article: https://medium.com/@mike_21858/auto-generating-an-http-server-and-offline-first-data-layer-based-on-a-room-database-using-kotlin-a24f376db7ef Comments on the API, approach, feature requests etc. are all welcome. I'm aiming to stabilize it for publishing on maven central for use in other apps by the end of the year. PS (this is cross-posted from #multiplatform - as the symbol process is multiplatform including Android)