Is there an AutoComplete dropdown equivalent in Co...
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Is there an AutoComplete dropdown equivalent in Compose Multiplatform? I found several for Android (Jetpack), but none for multiplatform.
all the popup stuff is kind of platform-specific afaik
I am working with the code from the last code block in this SO answer, except when I set expanded to true in
, the text field loses focus and the dropdown gains focus, so continuing to type does nothing. Tried requesting focus after setting expanded to true, but that didn't help. Tried capturing focus before setting expanded and that didn't work.
@ephemient didn't they just commonize that code in 1.5.0?
the popup stuff that is
I don't have a desktop project to test on right now though
whoa I didn't know google had added multiplatform stuff like this to their official docs!
the Dialog code definitely did get commonized, I thought it was related to popups i suppose
They got Dialog for sure into common before the last compose multiplatform release. I'm not sure if the Popup made it to the last release, but it's in the main branch now along with DatePicker, SearchBar, ModalBottomSheet and a few more.
ah okay, nice
me personally I'm waiting on search bar and exposed drop down
I just coppied the code from andoird verison. As long as you use docked search bars it works pretty well, just note that themeing is a little wonky so make sure you map all the colors to material colors and perhaps implement a back button if you dont want the docked option. Dropdown menus work almost flawlessly. None of this tested on IOS