I'm surprised "test groups" (not sure what the pro...
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I'm surprised "test groups" (not sure what the proper name is, I'm talking about
) are
. I thought JS only allowed proper tests to be asynchronous, not test groups? How is it implemented?
In JS tests you can't use them, it will throw an error, for exactly the reasons you describe
kotest DSL was designed before multiplatform existed, in hindsight if I was doing it again I wouldn't make the top level ones suspend
but that ship has sailed
Ah, well, that's a shame 😅
I have a prototype library which is able to handle nested tests on JS, but even then they don't really display properly in reports
Yeah, we'd have to change a lot of things. But the framework gives you a very clear message if you try to use them that you have to stick to top level tests in JS.
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How does the framework report test info to Gradle and other tools? From what I can gather: • JVM: regular JUnit declarations • JS: ? • Native: ?
I would assume it uses kotlin-test under the hood for JS? But the output for Native looks very different to me, is it custom?
for JS it uses karma or whatever, in the same manner kotlin-test does (by delegating to the methods in the underlying test fraemwork)