I have been testing some projects with K2 and so f...
# k2-early-adopters
I have been testing some projects with K2 and so far no major issues. However I did notice something unexpected (or maybe it is expected?). Building the KMP-NativeCoroutines sample with K2 works and the compilation task is shown as using K2. The thing is KMP-NativeCoroutines actually has a compiler plugin which doesn’t support K2 (yet). Shouldn’t there be some kind of warning or error message indicating that the plugin doesn’t support K2?
It is a bug in CLI part of the compiler, which is already fixed and will be available in
(when it will be released) The thing is that there were two different pieces of code for processing compilation with two different parsers (PSI and LightTree), and the check for plugins compatibility with K2 was called only in one of them So to ensure that all plugins are compatible you can run the compilation once with
compiler flag It will run compiler in PSI mode in which this check already exists
thank you color 2