Hello, may I ask where is the right place to discu...
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Hello, may I ask where is the right place to discuss Watch Face Format issues? https://developer.android.com/training/wearables/wff I just created first watch face using new WFF declarative xml and while it works great on real watches, it does not work on API 33 emulator. Throws some syntactic value error. Because of this, I'm not able to publish app as Google app review team is most probably using API 33 emulator for testing so I'm always getting irrelevant rejections.
@Garan Jenkin do we have a dedicated issue tracker component for WFF issues?
@Kseniia Shumelchyk I've created Issue Report here, although I'm not sure if it's positioned well but my last IR regarding WFF in the same category was assigned relatively fast. https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/300302654
I think that's right. It might end up being an emulator issue, fixed when Wear 4 emulator goes stable. But Watchface team will know if it's a fixed issue already.
Do you have the review feedback? Also app name, it would be good to follow up with that to see if that's what is happening.
It's alway something regarding syntactic value error, synthetic value (the review team most probably doesn't know how to describe it) Last rejection reason: Your app does not provide correct syntax as shown/described on the store listing. I know that everything is ok with the watch face for sure. (Description too) Sometimes, after submitting same watch face over and over, it is accepted like if it was tested on physical device finally. App pid: com.amoledwatchfaces.materialyou https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amoledwatchfaces.materialyou And this is watch face apk file (Watch Face Format) (watchface-release.apk)
Thanks I can test it on monday
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This is a similar internal report. For that fix was
This one should be caused by the watchface.xml being under
and not
Can you try that?
Also, it worked on a test Wear 4 device for me, when the Wear 4 stable release is out, it's likely this will be fixed also.
Also working in development build on Emulator, so can confirm it's fixed in Wear 4 stable release emulator when available.
Hi @yschimke I tested it. I was creating watch face exactly based on guide available and I used this xml name for watch face code watchface_large_circle Based on your recommendation I renamed it to watchface.xml and moved it to res/xml. It was not working so I moved it back to res/raw and magically it started working
So the issue is most probably with xml name handling watchface_large_circle.xml = not working, watchface.xml = working. All under res/raw
I'll rebuild and send for review. If it will pass the review then reviewers are most probably using latest stable Emulator for testing
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Nice, if you haven't already, can you update that on the ticket?