Hello! While trying to aggregate Timestamps in arr...
# exposed
Hello! While trying to aggregate Timestamps in array, Exposed crashes with:
Bad value for type timestamp/date/time: {1}
java.lang.NumberFormatException: Trailing junk on timestamp: '{"2023-09-15 09:44:49.67219"}'
Given tables:
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object FirstTable: Table() {
    val id = long("id")

object SecondTable:Table(){
    val firstId = long("first_id")
    val createdAt = timestamp("created_at")
Whenever I try to get all "createdAt" for FirstTable:
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FirstTable.join(SecondTable, JoinType.LEFT, FirstTable.id, SecondTable.firstId)
    .slice(FirstTable.id, SecondTable.createdAt.arrayAgg())
    .map {

It crashes before I write even line in "map" function. Exposed is trying to parse "createdAt" and not its array, so SQL result like on screenshot breaks everything: