Anyone else having issues with adb and emulators o...
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Anyone else having issues with adb and emulators on android studio Giraffe | 2022.3.1 Patch 1 and is aware of something going on? my team struggling yesterday and today with version:
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Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.41
Version 34.0.4-10411341
Physical device not recognised when plugged, app not running, gradle build hung. I even had to uninstall platform tools and reinstall yesterday when no amount of restarting the AS worked.
Platform tools: 34.0.4 Android emulator: 32.1.15 Emulator on API 33 (but happens on other devices on 33) Macbook Pro with M1 chip on Ventura 13.5.2 Maybe this is related
my goto for this sort of stuff is:
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# Unplug device/kill emulator
./gradlew -stop
adb kill-server
# Re-plug in device
# Re-attempt operation
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not sure if AGP version affects it, but had a lot of issues with instrumented/connected tests executing - had to make sure that the
was added as an
dependency too for API 30+ I think
Ah might be a different issue. what we're observing is emulator being hung on normal run of the app
killall adb
works to revive it but its annoying
ive had this sorta recently as well. i have 3 different dev machines. all mac os. only 1 of them has the issue. idky.
but if i open up macOS activity monitor i can see multiple instances of adb.
once i kill all of them there then everything works fine.
until like a few hours (or a day passes?) and then it breaks again. i think it might happen when i close the lid on the laptop actually. ­čĄĚ
@Ale Stamato is actually right. I have always killed the adb from activity monitor to make it work! For now, just force quit adb process and it should work!