would it be possible to get this plugin (and the r...
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would it be possible to get this plugin (and the really simple
. same maven group id, just change the artifact name from
. both are on version
currently) added to the list of "Notable plugins" (https://kotlinlang.org/docs/dokka-plugins.html#notable-plugins) on the kotlin docs page? because I feel these two are really useful & nice plugins that others may like to use
Hi! We can certainly discuss it if you can write some user-facing and user-friendly documentation in each plugin's readme (here's a good example). At the moment, from the users perspective, it's unclear how to add the plugins (i.e what their coordinates are) and what exactly they change / how they are useful, which is tough to sell 🙂
(as a side note: maintaining the style-changing plugin might be tough, sorry for that. We've already changed a bunch of styles in 1.9.0, and unfortunately we'll likely have to change some more down the road, to address technical debt and major issues. if you think something is worth adding to Dokka's default HTML format, you can create an enhancement issue, we'll discuss it with the website team and might implement it or agree to accept it as an external contribution)
hi, @Ignat Beresnev, I actually did recently write some user-facing documentation for it, which is located in the github README.md, along with introducing images to display the changes (all hidden away in expandable sections, due to each item being quite large): https://github.com/solo-studios/dokka-plugins currently, the plugin is up to date with 1.9.0, as that is the version I built it against. as for bringing it to the main dokka repo, I'd be more than happy to do so, and you could pass the readme along to the website team (or invite me to a channel where I could speak with them myself, perhaps?), which shows all of the changes. they are currently all maintained in a single css file, templated using freemarker. many of them are simple QOL changes, but I do eventually plan to add changes to allow updating the default colours easily (eg. using a blue instead of dokka's default purple)
^ sorry for the late response, I just don't check slack often, but I will check it from time to time
the dokka script plugin is one that would make the most sense to include into dokka itself without much issue, as it currently just does the same thing as the feature to add your own css files, just with js instead of css.
I also have a few very minor issues (like 10 minute fixes each, tops) with dokka that I would like to see fixed, so I would love to be able to talk to the dokka website/dokka team, if possible
the ones I can think of off the top of my head are: • member ordering: currently, package members are sorted lexicographically. this mixes classes, objects, and top level functions together. perhaps instead it could be sorted in this order: annotations, typealiases, interfaces, objects, classes, abstract classes, top level functions. then, in each group it would be sorted lexicographically. • annoying to include custom user scripts in output, as is done with custom stylesheets (see: the dokka script plugin I made to fix this issue) • dokka does not set
color-scheme: dark
when in dark mode (fix is included in my dokka style plugin, but it's very simple to implement) (the lack of this makes html checkboxes look funny in dark mode) but, there are probably a few more I'll remember later
hi, @Ignat Beresnev is there an update on this? no pressure, though!
going to bump this
yo, it's been a few is this still being considered?