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Jacob Ras

09/21/2023, 11:53 AM
I've built a very simple test app (showing zoomable cat pictures from in native Android (using ✏️ Compose) and iOS (using swift SwiftUI). Then I built the same thing in Flutter and KMP/ ✏️ Compose Multiplatform, so I could make release builds and compare the app sizes and startup times. I've collected all data into a blog post: I made charts if you just want to take a quick peek at the results 🙂
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Johann Pardanaud

09/21/2023, 12:26 PM
Very interesting, thank you for the research!
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09/21/2023, 3:53 PM
In the conclusion, where does "46.4 MB" come from? I can't find 46.4 searching the article. Text further up says: "The same goes for Flutter, although it’s smaller at a total size of 17.9 MB (for iOS 12.2+, builds for earlier versions are 25.4 MB)."

Jacob Ras

09/21/2023, 4:08 PM
@kenkyee thanks for reporting, that was from an older draft! 46.4 is actually the number for the universal IPA, but like on Android builds are smaller for actual devices » 17.9 MB. I've updated the article.