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Kathrin Petrova

09/22/2023, 7:23 AM
📣 *Kotlin 1.9.20-Beta2 is here, with improvements on various fronts!* Multiplatform project configuration is now easier with the introduction of the new default hierarchy template in the Kotlin Gradle plugin. Multiplatform project build speed has improved significantly, thanks to the full support of the Gradle configuration cache. The Kotlin/Native memory manager performs better because the new memory allocator is enabled by default, and there are performance improvements for the garbage collector. We’re introducing a new target for Kotlin/Wasm – wasm-wasi. We’ve added support for the WASI API in the standard library, simplifying the use of Kotlin/Wasm beyond browsers. We’re working on stabilizing the K2 compiler, and we invite you to try it! 👀 Github Changelog
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