# multiplatform


09/22/2023, 8:29 AM
I want to know how you think when you're developing multiplatform for Android and iOS (and perhaps more) how you think about the differences when it comes to the platform? For example: In kotlin (android) world we have for instance the Result.kt class when returning result from a function inlcuding the data or error if it fails whereas in iOS they basically have an enum saying Success or Failure, so we're having a lot of discussions on what is the best way to define things to keep the platform following it's pattern. For Android it's quite simple since we don't need to convert anything or write wrappers, but if we follow the "pattern" in kotlin iOS has to do a lot of wrapping. Writing a wrapper method for many functions returning Result.kt is that the only way to go? How do you resonate around this in your teams?