# compose-ios

Sam Michael

09/24/2023, 3:25 PM
Is there anyone who has been able to make the default compose ios starting point compatible with AppDelegate and UIkit View Controller, I am working on a project that is using Android xml and Uikit for one screen and having trouble to launch it from app start on ios, seems the screen goes either all white or all black. Is there a way to make this entry point show a Uikit ViewController instead? I am trying to convert from a project with App Delegate and View Controller to use our iosApp.swift entry point instead. Also if anyone knows if there is a way to use a Rosetta Simulator directly from Android Studio or Intellij?
I think i may have figured out how to wrap my UIkit View Controller like so:
*struct* ComposeView: UIViewControllerRepresentable {
*func* makeUIViewController(context: Context) -> UIViewController {
*func* updateUIViewController(_ uiViewController: UIViewController, context: Context) {}
Still curious about a way to launch rosetta simulator from Studio or some other way to not need rosetta simulator in the first place
I don't see the option in execution targets to show rosetta targets as in xcode
warning: None of the architectures in ARCHS (arm64) are valid. Consider setting ARCHS to $(ARCHS_STANDARD) or updating it to include at least one value from VALID_ARCHS (arm64, arm64e, i386, x86_64) which is not in EXCLUDED_ARCHS (arm64). (in target 'iosApp' from project 'iosApp')