# compose

Farid Benhaimoud

09/24/2023, 7:14 PM
hi is there anybody who can help. I am lost here. Something that seems simple had kept me busy all day. I have a master detail screen with pagination and RemoteMediator. When I click on an item in the list and the makes the detail api call it crashes with next error:
kotlinx.serialization.json.internal.JsonDecodingException: Unexpected JSON token at offset 26: Encountered an unknown key 'count' at path: $.elapsedMillisecond Use 'ignoreUnknownKeys = true' in 'Json {}
But the strange thing this is probably the reponse of the list api which doesn’t get called. Can I anybody please help? I have to deliver this tomorrow morning Here is the repo.

Adel Ayman

09/24/2023, 7:36 PM
Hi @Farid Benhaimoud , can u put the json response here

Farid Benhaimoud

09/24/2023, 7:59 PM
I have found the issue. I had put a query paramater instead of path parameter. Using the queryparameter gave a different response. hahah Man what a nightmare
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