# android

Mr U9Q

09/26/2023, 1:44 PM
Hello devs, I have a concern regarding janus-gateway-android repository on GitHub. Actually our website is built on Janus and the backend is synchronized with it and our android app also needs to be built with janus to maintain the consistency. I need to know if this library is not deprecated and can be trustworthy in the long run?
not kotlin but kotlin colored 1
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Any other stable library implementing janus would be appreciated if shared

Frank Bouwens

09/26/2023, 1:52 PM
no commits in a year… Could be abandoned.

Mr U9Q

09/26/2023, 2:10 PM
If I integrate stream-webrtc-android which is the latest stable webrtc library for native android, would it be able to make configurations with janus? As our backend and web versions are utilizing janus so our app needs to do the same.