# datascience


09/27/2023, 7:15 AM
Have been using ECharts as part of my roboquant (algo-trading platform written in Kotlin) notebooks for a long time and it is a great open-source Apache library. Recently I’ve been playing around with GraalVM and Truffle. Especially now that Truffle language support is not longer hard linked to GraalVM and also works on for example OpenJDK 17. Just a simple dependency in your build configuration. And to my own surprise, I have been able to get ECharts serverside rendering working without the need for NodeJS. It required only two very small changes to the JavaScript code to get it all working. 😃 So the result is a 100% pure JVM solution where the whole ECharts JavaScript library (over 3 MB) is running inside the JVM. I didn’t realise before that the GraalVM team did such an excellent job with their GraalJS implementation. 👍 The code is currently more of “Proof Of Concept” quality, but it is actually simple and you can see it at:
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