# multiplatform

Zach Sweigart

10/03/2023, 10:38 PM
Hey! My team is just starting to integrate KMP for Android and iOS into our existing applications. We have 3 repos separating KMP, Android, and iOS code right now since KMP has been mostly experimental and limited to static constants and we publish artifacts to an internal maven. We were looking into how to do resource (string) localization and sharing but weren't sure what the best practices were. Some alternatives we've considered are 1. Using moko-resources but had some concerns about it's maintenance (it's still in beta
and issues like this one for plurals have been open with no response for a long time). 2. Using shared ids with reflective look-ups like this article - this seems brittle with strings being mapped to Android resource ids 3. Creating an enum and then having separate mapper objects natively for each platform - this results in a lot of code that feels like it defeats the purpose of shared code