# compose-desktop

Dirk Hoffmann

10/04/2023, 6:11 PM
searched like hell, but: I wanna play with
on compose-desktop (see: ) But seems to be in Compose-Foundation 1.6.0 and later. Is there a way to set up a compose desktop gradle project using compose foundation 1.6.0+ (and if so which dev repositories and combination of kotlin, and compose compiler would I need for this?) ... or is there "no chance yet"? 🙂

Igor Demin

10/04/2023, 6:27 PM
There is no Compose Multiplatform based on Jetpack Compose 1.6 yet, but it will be available in ~2 months, after we'll merge the Jetpack Compose development branch (androidx-main) into the Compose Multiplatform development branch (jb-main). There is indeed a way to do it yourself and build a local version of Compose, but it is easier to just wait.
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