# compose-android

Zoltan Demant

10/05/2023, 8:53 AM
Is it possible to change the IME theme? Say if my app has a dark/light theme selector internally; phone is in light mode, app in dark; ideally the keyboard (while in my app) should also be dark.
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Tested this so far with no success:
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    when (mode) {
        Dark -> MODE_NIGHT_YES
        Light -> MODE_NIGHT_NO
I realize this may or may not be compose related, but Id like to do this from compose, so counts?


10/05/2023, 1:05 PM
It's definitely not a compose question and no I don't think doing it from compose counts because that's then literally anything.
They keyboard runs in another process and in its own window as a result. You can ask it for things, like to change to showing numbers, but it is not required to comply.
There is no mechanism to ask it to change its theme, however
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