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Nuru Nabiyev

10/05/2023, 5:43 PM
Looking for a Kotlin backend dev for a startup! Stock +/- salary. 📈 I am building a desktop application (Kotlin/Jvm), a knowledge management system. It is in an mvp stage and I’m looking for someone to do help me with it, and perhaps get some investment. I am willing to give stock and/or initial salary as well. The app is with emphasis on a diagramming and system building - similar to drawio but with better support on PDFs/Files, text/markdown/Latex, web links, and Search. It is a desktop application and self-hosted, which will allow to sync with your work laptop and mobile devices without the need for 3rd party server. You can find some MVP/Diagrams in the attachments (it’s super early stage, so ignore weird UI) Let me know if you are interested.
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