# squarelibraries

Landry Norris

10/07/2023, 9:41 AM
Is there some sort of timeout I'm not seeing in the Android (don't have a mac on me, so can't check iOS right now) Sqlite driver? I'm selecting based on a TEXT column being LIKE an input. I notice that if I add an or clause to check more TEXT columns, or if I check for the input anywhere in the string instead of the start, I can never get the later entries.
If I select
WHERE textField LIKE (:text || '%')
, I can see the last item (auto-incrementing id is around 2700), but if I select
WHERE textField LIKE ('%' || :text || '%')
, I get no results for the same input. Trying different parameters, it seems to never return any items with an id past ~1700. If I select
WHERE textField LIKE (:text || '%') OR otherTextField LIKE ('%' || :text || '%')
, the highest id I can find is ~1500. This makes me think there must be some timeout that causes it to stop the query and return only what it's found so far that matches.