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10/09/2023, 11:44 AM
update about moko-resources 0.24.0. new behavior of gradle plugin will give chance to support gradle configuration cache too. here pull request in progress. if someone want to help - now good time for it (i can work on plugin only at weekends now)
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where you can help: 1. complete new version of GenerateMR task -[…]/dev/icerock/gradle/tasks/GenerateMultiplatformResourcesTask.kt (in new version task receive serializable data and resources directories as inputs, then at execution time will decide what MRGenerator should be used and then call generation. Configuration time have much less logic than in 0.23.0) 2. complete plugin configuration stage -[…]/main/kotlin/dev/icerock/gradle/MultiplatformResourcesPlugin.kt - plugin should register all generateMR tasks (done), configure all inputs (partically done), configure additional actions for apple, js, jvm targets on compilation/link tasks (to pack resources in klib and copy resources from klibs to binary/framework)