# hire-me

Ahmed Mourad

10/10/2023, 2:04 PM
Hello, I'm looking for globally-remote Android Developer or Kotlin Multiplatform Developer opportunities, I have experience working with an agile cross-functional internationally-remote team on a highly-rated app with over 10 million downloads and a million MAUs, that included introducing subscriptions and ads into the app, designing a generic feed api for the app to be refactored into, writing a canvas from scratch where the user inserts and manipulates layers of images, A/B testing, private and public groups, user-created challenges with winners, handling the release and deployment of the app, and a lot more. I recently released my own app created with Kotlin and Compose Multiplatform, Clockwise, an app that allows users to create alarms and reminders with configurations ranging from very simple to very complex and sophisticated to a level not available in any of the top alarm apps on the playstore, the app also provides a schedule viewer, supports day/night mode, and the new Material You design system. I'm the author of two Kotlin libraries: NoCopy: a Kotlin compiler plugin that removes the copy method of annotated data classes, it also includes an IDE plugin and a gradle plugin. Bundlizer: Android Bundle format support for Kotlinx Serialization. I've also published a well-received article on domain modeling and error handling in Kotlin. I have experience with numerous technologies and APIs, most significant of which are listed in the attached resume. Please contact me if interested, thank you.