# webassembly

Charlie Tapping

10/10/2023, 8:20 PM
I’m getting an error when trying to build a wasm web application, I imagine this may be because dependencies need to be kept in lockstep. I’ve placed below the relevant versions and the error. Any direction would be appreciated.
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kotlin = "1.9.10"
kotlinx-coroutines = "1.7.2-wasm0"
kotlinx-datetime = "0.4.0-wasm1"
kotlinx-serialization = "1.6.0-wasm0"

compose-multiplatform-plugin = "1.5.1-dev-wasm01"
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Module "org.jetbrains.compose.ui:ui" has a reference to symbol kotlin/AllowDifferentMembersInActual.<init>|-5645683436151566731[0]. Neither the module itself nor its dependencies contain such declaration.

This could happen if the required dependency is missing in the project. Or if there is a dependency of "org.jetbrains.compose.ui:ui" that has a different version in the project than the version that "org.jetbrains.compose.ui:ui" was initially compiled with. Please check that the project configuration is correct and has consistent versions of all required dependencies.

The list of "org.jetbrains.compose.ui:ui" dependencies that may lead to conflicts:
 1. "kotlin" (a library with unknown version)
 2. "com.example:web" (a library with unknown version)
 3. "components.resources:library" (a library with unknown version)