# intellij


10/12/2023, 9:38 PM
When using gradle, in my library modules, of which I have 100+, the
structure indents my project view too much is there a project view, or can I customize it, to ommit such folders? its always going to ne kotlin a no build variants in the lib modules

Anton Mefodichev

10/20/2023, 1:18 PM
@ursus, can you please provide more details of the issue? Screenshots also would be useful. Thank you!


10/21/2023, 5:06 AM
frankly, it was rather emotional reaction, problem is that we have a huge gradle build with many apps, and the file structure is not flat, but folder-nested so when im in the project view, my actual path for example would
and basically is too indented and making my project view scroll horizontally so I was looking at the tail if I could get rid of the nesting but yea its counter productive I should probably look at the head, do composite gradle build, etc..
but if there was a way to have a custom project view such Id assign
root = quax
as to get nesting level of basically a hello world, that would be nice