# compose-ios


10/17/2023, 10:51 AM
Hello Is there a way to use shared images in iOS? If trying to use the shared framework (not cocoa) from the official template - inside an existing iOS application (through
) I get > Uncaught Kotlin exception: org.jetbrains.compose.resources.MissingResourceException: Missing resource with path: compose-multiplatform.xml Is moko the recommended approach? - Or just the only one that works (and then has other issues on it's own..)? (I get the above error in the clean template, without any modification, just relying on compose resources)

Ivan Matkov

10/18/2023, 6:59 AM
Hey. Not sure why you're using this particular branch in the template repo. Please try the last version from main. It it's still the problem - please leave a note in similar thread -