# datascience


10/17/2023, 4:26 PM
Hi everyone, been working with datalore for a bit and came across something interesting that I was wondering if others would have an explanation for: I have code that compiles fine locally with gradle and on, however, this same code does not compile in the latest kotlin kernel for datalore the main errors I encountered were smart cast and exhaustive when check errors • could not smart cast a variable i checked with
previously to the non-null version of the type • could not determine the
statement over a
sealed interface
type was exhaustive and recommended an
branch is the kotlin kernel (for jupyter? or is datalore different?) just behind on these analysis checks? or is there a reason for these analysis checks being dropped? here is a gist of the code in the datalore notebook: please let me know if this is not the channel to ask datalore specific questions thanks for your insight in advance!