# android

Luke Carpenter

10/17/2023, 11:44 PM
Hi all 👋 — does anyone have any good recommendations for “enterprise”/“dedicated device” (apologies if there’s a better name for this, basically Android on Zebra devices) Kotlin/Modern Android Development resources? Struggling a lot with simple things like Google Login for IAP-protected endpoints & building Kotlin Flows from Datawedge broadcast receivers whilst I build my first app, and I’m trying my best not to cobble something together with everything stuffed in
😅 😭


10/18/2023, 4:08 AM
I worked with this kind of device, many years ago. I would recommend to "go primitive"; the SDKs will likely be a bit dated, so while Kotlin itself will not pose a problem, the latest stuff/libraries/plugins may have issues with the customization related to the hardware. So introduce stuff slowly, and if external providers fail, try any available webservices instead.

Luke Carpenter

10/18/2023, 7:57 AM
At the moment, I’m not pulling any SDKs in, as the integration with the hardware (on Zebra at least) is done via intents/broadcast receivers, but from the examples this is implemented as a gigantic MainActivity — it’s understandable that an example doesn’t care about code quality/maintenance, but I think you’re right, going slowly and working on a smaller app without the enterprise component first would help so I can learn how to do the basics, then merge that with the enterprise components