# compose

Christopher Mederos

10/23/2023, 5:39 AM
Has anyone implemented a material3 SearchBar with collapsing behaviour similar to that of TopAppBar? The material3 guidelines recommend doing so, though there isn't an implementation offered. Additionally, simply putting the searchbar inside the topappbar doesn't work, as the fullscreen behaviour can only expand to the size of the topappbar containing it.
for now it seems like ExposedDropdownMenu is more flexible and has a few more features implemented. Though not quite as nice looking/behaving as SearchBar is ultimately intended to be
though seems the Modifier.exposedDropdownSize_(_) isn't working... so no great options for search in M3 at the moment 😞
in the end, I simply made my own dialog (using other basic material 3 components) that shares a lot of design ideas with material3's official search bar component