# compose-wear


10/23/2023, 9:31 AM
Compose for Wear OS 1.3.0-alpha08 was released last week, including completing the rollout of new flags on PositionIndicator to give control over which animations are active. We recommend switching off the fadeIn and position animations for scrollable content as this will improve performance (but for screens like volume change with a Stepper component, leave all 3 animations turned on). We have also deprecated the Material SwipeToDismissBoxState, SwipeToDismissValue and edgeSwipeToDismiss following the migration of Swipe-to-Dismiss functionality to in 1.3.0-alpha02 - please replace with the equivalents. See release notes for more details. Also, we have released 1.0.0-alpha14 of the wear.compose.compose-material3 library with updates to the HorizontalPageIndicator and ToggleButton APIs - see release notes. Finally, we have released 1.2.1 with a bug fix to the PositionIndicator - see release notes.
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