# multiplatform


10/24/2023, 9:39 AM
I have trouble including a Build in my app project. So I have a android app project and a seperate kmp multimodule project the kmp project is added as submodule in the folder of the app project and added as includedBuild in the app settings.gradle. If i'm in the android studio in the App project and open a file of the kmp project some code from that is in another module in the kmp project can't resolve while the sub project is added as and implementation dependency. If I open de kmp project in android studio itself all code can be resolved and gradle can assemble/runTests en everything. If compile my app in the app project it builds and installs on the device but then crashes with
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java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method loadModules$default(Lorg/koin/core/Koin;Ljava/util/List;ZILjava/lang/Object;)V in class Lorg/koin/core/Koin; or its super classes (declaration of 'org.koin.core.Koin' appears in
It looks like its not including koin dependencies correctly but I added it in every module now.