# confetti

John O'Reilly

10/24/2023, 3:59 PM
@mbonnin made some updates for login which I just pushed to internal testing channel on play great if people could test it out (a few people had been having issues logging in). If you don't have access to internal testing channel then DM me your email address and I'll add you
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it's version 1.0.213 if you want to check if you have right version

Stylianos Gakis

10/24/2023, 4:05 PM
I didn’t have issues logging in before, but in any case, logging in now on a fresh app install worked for me 👍
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10/24/2023, 6:31 PM
I guess that PR is the difference between the two options here
Sign in with Google vs Sign In With Google button
@mbonnin thanks for looking into this!
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