# multiplatform

Viktor Sirotin

10/27/2023, 9:50 AM
I apologize if this question has already been asked. I honestly searched for an answer but couldn’t find it. I am developing a multiplatform library that works for JS as well. Its current version can be downloaded from here:, source code is here: Before publishing it on NPM I of course test the library in Browser and Node mode and am happy with the green results. But my conscience is uneasy. Based on my tests from commonTest, the system has generated JS tests that are supposedly in folder I don’t see the details of how exactly these tests were run for Browser NodeJS (probably using Karma?). I need this knowledge because I want to make sure that the next version of the library published on NPM works OK, and I want to apply this knowledge to my test applications showing the use of my library on different platforms. I am not satisfied with the way I am doing it now. So, my question is: can you suggest any articles or other source of information where the details of generating JS tests and running them are described?