# gradle

Guido Perre

11/01/2023, 8:01 PM
Hi! I'm having a problem with publication and dependencies in Gradle. I use a publication task to publish my modules into a maven repository. The problem appears when I want to use these modules, despite attaching javaSources to my publication, when I import it, I can't see the source code in all the files. To give more detail, I can see source code in all files with a Class, Object, etc. But when the file only has higher-order functions (like Compose files in Android). Anyone have any idea what the problem is? I already checked if the sources.jar are good, and yes, they are. When I extract the.jar file, I can see these files correctly. Thanks!


11/01/2023, 8:04 PM
Probably not a Gradle issue if you say the jar is correct and it also resolved. Maybe a problem of the IDE indexer?